The Harrah Chamber of Commerce is a members driven organization whose mission is to preserve, protect and promote local business and educational opportunities within our community.  Supported by business, industrial, and professional people who are empowered with strength and a passion for our cause.  The Harrah Chamber brings together our members who are dedicated to developing, promoting and maintaining a sound and healthy climate for Harrah, making it a great place to work and call home. 

The Harrah Chamber provides you with a multitude of ways to increase your visibility within the community.  Like most membership organizations, the more one puts into it, the more one will get out of it.  One can build a network of relationships and friendships by attending our events, serving on a committee, and keeping connected through our media and messaging. 

As a membership-based organization, the success of the Harrah Chamber depends upon support and participation from our members and volunteers.  The Harrah Chamber of Commerce has a number of committees, which provide one with a way to become active in the community. 




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